A Walk Around the Block

Since it was a bit cooler this morning I decided to take my daily walk around the block a bit earlier than usual. I also made a conscious decision to leave my MP3 player behind. Since there were things I wanted to think about, my walk seemed the best time to do it. However, I honestly didn’t get much time to think! Who knew that a morning walk could be so busy! During it I:

* Met dogs and their walkers I have never met before. What a nice bunch of people!
* Discovered that walking under trees after a rain can be risky business…unless you need a shower!
* Also discovered that the sunlight looks really beautiful when it shines through the showers coming off the trees
* Saw a robin chase a squirrel across the road and up a tree. Who knew robins could be so aggressive? It was my laugh for the morning!
* Luxuriated on the feeling of the sun warming my arms. I have missed this the last few days as I cocooned inside

My morning walk made me realize all the things that I’ve been missing the last few weeks as I’ve been hurrying from one thing to another. It also made me grateful just to be alive on such a beautiful day.

My challenge for you is to get out and enjoy today. Leave your MP3 player at home and go walk around your neighbourhood. Discover, like I did, what makes it unique and special.