Stopping the Worry Habit

My challenge for you is to try this strategy for a month. Pay attention to what happens to your thoughts, and your attitude, over the month. Do you notice yourself worrying less? Are you happier? Remember to give this new habit a chance to get established. It has worked for me. I know that it → Continue reading: Stopping the Worry Habit

Recapturing Those Great Childhood Summers!

When we were children, summer meant no school, running through sprinklers on hot days, and riding our bikes with friends until the street lights came on. Unfortunately, as adults, our summer experiences are a bit different. They usually include racing our children to baseball and soccer, covering for work colleagues who are fortunate enough to → Continue reading: Recapturing Those Great Childhood Summers!

Asking for Help

All of my life I have prided myself on being independent. Even when I was a child I wanted to do everything myself, with no help from my mother or father. As I became older, it became a point of pride not to ask for help from anyone. I was always so sure that I → Continue reading: Asking for Help

Midlife is Not For the Faint of Heart

It is hard to admit but, yes, I have reached the midpoint in my life. In fact, unless I plan to live to be 100 years or more, I am on the downward slope. There are good points and bad points to being at this stage in my life. The good points include being able → Continue reading: Midlife is Not For the Faint of Heart