Taking the Risk out of Risk

I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I was sitting in my manager’s office. It was not turning out to be a pleasant meeting. It had been an awful week…an awful month actually…and both my body and my brain were overloaded. I was thinking of how much I hated my job when, → Continue reading: Taking the Risk out of Risk

Could you do this?

Most of my friends know that my favourite movie is one called “Facing the Giants”. It is an inspirational movie about a high school football team and their coach who, after developing a belief in their ability to succeed, turn from a losing team into a winning team. I’m not a huge football fan but → Continue reading: Could you do this?

What Food Feeds your Soul?

If you read my blog last week, you know that it was the “Week of the Poop”. Well, this week should be called “The Curse of the Cat Food”. As my cat Charlie recovered from his bout with pancreatitis (we think), the one thing that seemed to be lagging behind was his appetite. No matter → Continue reading: What Food Feeds your Soul?

When Poop isn't just Poop

Now I know what it is like when a parent has a sick child. You feel helpless. You know that you can’t make them feel better so you have to concentrate on what you can do. You make them comfortable. You offer them tantalizing treats to encourage their appetite. And you go without a lot → Continue reading: When Poop isn’t just Poop