Recapturing Those Great Childhood Summers!

When we were children, summer meant no school, running through sprinklers on hot days, and riding our bikes with friends until the street lights came on.  Unfortunately, as adults, our summer experiences are a bit different.  They usually include racing our children to baseball and soccer, covering for work colleagues who are fortunate enough to be away on holidays, and mowing grass that never seems to stop growing!   Those long, carefree days of our childhood seem far away.  But it is possible to experience those great childhood summers once again.  All we need to do is take our cue from our kids!

  • Take time to daydream

        When we were children, daydreaming was a big part of our lives.  As adults, we still daydream, but we call it by another name – visioning.  Your vision is your dream of what your future is going to look like.  It motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, and forms the framework for your goals and plans.  So spend some time sitting quietly and daydreaming about your future. Then, take the time to write it down and review it every day.

  • Take time to explore

        Summer is a wonderful time to let your adventurous side take over.  A great way to get started is to make a list of all the things you would like to see, do, and accomplish in your lifetime.  Review your vision for ideas.  Then, take tiny steps toward achieving them.

  • Take time to play

        What do you like to do for fun?  Make a commitment to yourself to do one fun thing every day.  It could be as simple as running through a sprinkler with your kids, or as complex as going to an amusement park and riding all the roller coasters.  You know you will have succeeded if you can’t stop smiling!

  • Take time to nap

        Everyone needs time to themselves to rest and recharge their batteries.  Give yourself permission to set some time aside each week that is just for you.  Sit in the sun and read a book.  Soak in the tub.  Or yes, even take a nap.  Setting aside and taking time for yourself isn’t selfish, it’s demonstrating self-respect.  It gives you the energy you need to be there for others when they need you the most.