Thinking of Solutions Instead of Problems

Every week I receive an email newsletter from Cheryl Richardson. For those of you who have watched the Oprah show, Cheryl is a coach who has appeared on the show many times over the past few years. This week’s newsletter talked about focusing on solutions instead of problems and it really rang a bell for me.

This past weekend I decided it was time to clean out my storeroom in the basement. Most of my friends who have been in my home will say that my entire basement is a storeroom and, right now, they would be right…but that is the topic for another blog! Anyway, I took everything out of the room and lifted the foam tiles that covered the floor and what did I find but mould. This is not a new phenomenon in my house but a recurring problem and I shouldn’t have been surprised. But I’m an eternal optimist and was hoping that all I would find would be nice, clean concrete! After washing the floor with bleach and water and setting a fan in the room to promote drying, I then spent the next few hours thinking “More mould”. After dinner, I got tired of being in a bad mood and decided to hit the internet to see if there was anything I can do short of blowing my house up (not the best solution!) I found several ideas and the names of several companies that can help me get rid of any more mould that I find. I immediately felt my mood lifting and I started to have hope that the future will look better, mould-wise.

As Cheryl points out in her newsletter, “focusing on the problem, over and over again, just contributes to the energy going in that direction – toward the problem.” However, if you focus on solutions to the problem, you are replacing negative thought with positive thought which leads to:

*Having more energy to do well in the world
*Thinking better thoughts
*Increasing our level of personal power
*Generating smart ideas
*Beginning to see good everywhere
*Feeling hopeful and empowered

Do you have a problem that you have been spending too much time focusing on? Try focusing on finding solutions to the problem and see what happens. It will lead to your having a much happier day!

*Cheryl Richardson’t newsletter can be viewed by going to: