What Food Feeds your Soul?

If you read my blog last week, you know that it was the “Week of the Poop”.  Well, this week should be called “The Curse of the Cat Food”.   As my cat Charlie recovered from his bout with pancreatitis (we think), the one thing that seemed to be lagging behind was his appetite.  No matter what I did, he turned up his nose at it.  I tried his old canned food, which he used to love; Pediatric canned food (a sure winner said the vet), and special gastro-intestinal food that the emergency clinic staff said he gobbled down during his stay there.  He snubbed them all.  Someone even suggested that I try heating his food up so I starting popping each try in the microwave.  Believe me, the resulting scent that permeated my home was a cat’s delight, but was enough to turn any regular human’s stomach.  A smell reminiscent of decaying fish on a beach is not something that one wants to wake up to each morning.  Anyway, that helped a little and I did a happy dance each time he took a bite.  All in all it took us about 4 days to finally come up with a winning combination – Friskies mixed with his favourite dry food.  As he gobbled it down, I did a high five.  Both he and I are now happy campers.

As I was fighting the “Cat Food Wars”, one question kept coming to mind – “What feeds my soul?”  For Charlie, it is obviously Friskies and crunchies.  For me I found it wasn’t quite that simple.  I actually had to give it a lot of thought.  This is what I came up with:

  • Walks on the beach with waves whispering on the shore
  • Listening to music that I love
  • Spending time with my friends
  • Watching the birds at my feeder
  • Giving and receiving hugs

What amazed me was that all the things on my list were simple things; things that didn’t cost anything at all but my time.  None of them involved anything more sophisticated than an iPod.  Instead, they were all things that made me stop my life for a moment and focus on the present.  And when I did this, all of the hassles that I might have been encountering in my life faded into the background.  My soul was at peace.

What do you do that feeds your soul?  Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to think of things.  We all have a tendency to get so caught up in our lives and meeting the needs of others that we forget that we have needs too.  We forget that it is often the simple things that make the most difference, and have the most impact on our lives.  The noise and activity of our busy lives often drown out the things that make us truly happy and healthy.  And it is only when we become ill or stressed that we take the time to unbury them and appreciate them again.

My challenge for you this week is not to wait until you are ill or stressed to do what brings your peace.  Take a few moments each day to do something that feeds your soul.  Hug a loved one.  Walk on a beach.  Do whatever makes your heart sing.  Wallow in it.  My only wish for you is that, whatever you do, may it smell better than warm Friskies!