What You Believe, You Achieve

I love to listen to The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean on CBC Radio on Sunday afternoons.  Each Sunday he reads a true story submitted by a listener.  The story he read this past Sunday really struck a cord with me.  It was about a young girl named Kaylee* from Medicine Hat, AB who loved horses.  More than anything she wanted to join the local Horse Club.  The only problem was you needed to own a horse to join and her parents couldn’t afford to buy her one.  This did not deter her, though.  Any money she earned went towards buying tack (bridle, saddle, etc).  She attended Horse Club meetings on a regular basis.  It was there that a woman who was a member of the club noticed her standing on the sidelines and vowed to do whatever she could to find Kaylee a horse.

One day the woman noticed an ad in the newspaper about a horse for sale.  The horse had been abused by his previous owners and was, therefore, hard to sell.  But the woman selling the horse believed that the horse should be able to pick its new owner.  And that person was Kaylee.  When she and the horse met, it was love at first sight for both, and the horse became Kaylee’s.  It took awhile for Kaylee to earn the horse’s trust, and then to ride him, but she persisted.  And now, Kaylee is a member of the Horse Club.

The author of the story, Kaylee’s mother, said it was a story of determination, persistence and love.  I also think it is a wonderful story about having faith in a dream.  Kaylee had a dream of owning a horse and being a member of Medicine Hat’s Horse Club.  Most children, and adults too, would have given up on their dream once they discovered they couldn’t afford a horse.  But not Kaylee.  She so strongly believed that she would own a horse that she bought tack for it.  She  “acted as if” she owned a horse by attending Horse Club meetings, and she never gave up hope.  And, in the end, what she believed, she achieved.

Faith is a key ingredient if you hope to achieve a goal or dream.  All the dreams I’ve had come true in my life were the ones I never doubted would happen.  Faith keeps you commited and on course when the going gets tough.  It focuses your mind on what you want and makes you more receptive and open to resources and opportunities that can help you.  And it attracts those resources and opportunities to you.

So, if you have a goal or a dream that you are working towards achieving, and it just isn’t happening, ask yourself:  “Do I truly believe it will achieve this goal?”  Be honest with yourself.  If your answer is no, take a hint from Kaylee’s story and find ways to become a believer.  One great way to do this is to attend my workshop “It’s Not About Willpower:  Move Your Dreams from Mess to Success”.  During this day of information, lively discussion, and personal discovery, you will identify the obstacles that may be standing in your way of achieving success and learn valuable strategies that can help you to overcome them.  This workshop has changed the lives of many people who have attended.  Visit my website at www.brightenyourfuture.ca/events to take the first step towards changing yours.  I look forward to seeing you there!


*My apologies to Kaylee and her family for any errors I have made in relating this story (and perhaps spelling your name!).