When Poop isn't just Poop

Now I know what it is like when a parent has a sick child.  You feel helpless.  You know that you can’t make them feel better so you have to concentrate on what you can do.  You make them comfortable.  You offer them tantalizing treats to encourage their appetite.  And you go without a lot of sleep so that you are there for them when they need you.  Everything else in the world comes to a halt.

Over the last week my cat has been sick.  Since I have no children of my own, Charlie is my child.  Many of my friends say that he has me wrapped around his little paw.  They are right.  And when he started to have diahrrea and vomiting (I promise I won’t go into the gory details!), I felt truly helpless.  There wasn’t much I could do for him other than take him to the vet, follow their instructions and pray.

Like any parent, during the recuperation process, little things become important.  For Charlie and I, it was poop.  Yes, my whole life for the last week has revolved around poop!  I honestly never realized there were so many ways of describing it – cow patty, log, solid, watery.   We have experienced them all.   But I knew my world could start revolving again when I cleaned out his litter box the other day and found solid poop!  It was just like finding buried treasure!

So, by this point you must be asking yourself, what does all this, and especially poop, have to do with anything?  Well, finding that little log of solid poop reminded me of just how important it is to celebrate every success, no matter how small.  To most people, that little piece of poop would be nothing much.  It would just be something to put into the litter bag and put in the garbage.  But to us,  that little thing meant that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  He had turned the corner and was now on the path to recovery – and I could see a full night’s sleep in my future.  That little thing wasn’t little, but HUGE…and worth celebrating!  So, that night, Charlie got an extra treat with his pills and I treated myself to a hamburger and Oreo parfait (yum!) at Wendy’s.  Life was good!

What small successes are you letting go by unnoticed because you think they are too small to make a difference?  I know in the past I’ve let small accomplishments like these go by unrecognized:

– I got the garbage to the curb on time this week

– I remembered to take your books back to the library by the due date

– I ate healthy today

– I picked up the phone and called a friend that you hadn’t spoken to in awhile

– I went for a walk

– I completed something that had been on my “To Do” list for a long time

Successes don’t have to be big to be celebrated.  Don’t wait until you win the lottery or lose 20 lbs to treat yourself to something special.  Write down everything that you accomplish today and take the time to savour each one.  Breathe in the sense of accomplishment you feel.  Then do something kind for yourself to celebrate your achievement!  The more we celebrate every little success, the more success will come our way.  And, before you know it, your whole life will become one big celebration!  Nothing wrong with that!